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Our two books either teach a single skill in a single chapter — and you know we mean that we give the important stuff to know; or they give you important stuff.  This might sound better if we say some chapters impart knowledge of an important area.

Here is a list of those knowledge areas we have presented for your amusement and/or benefit:  There are 17 of them.  Each is typically only contained in a dozen or so pages.   If you really need to read several volumes about any of them it is easy to do — if you spend the time — just not in our books.

  • Stuff:
    • The Universe
    • Computers
      • History
      • How they actually work
    • Internet
      • History
      • Inner workings
    • Everyday Miracles
    • Mistakes’ teach us
    • Smartness
  • More Stuff:
    • Money
      • What it is
      • Markets for it
    • The unseen
    • Science vs. Engineering
      • What they are
      • Physics
      • Chemistry
      • Biology
    • Everyday Miracles
    • Mistakes’ Lessons

If anyone wants to comment on any existing knowledge chapter, please do so on the appropriate books’ pages.  There will be a next edition, and you helping make it more powerful will be appreciated by future readers.

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