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The Be More Better Series concept is very simple:

You need critical skills and knowledge

You can benefit from knowing and using them

We give key parts of them 

We make them interesting, amazing, fun, surprising,…

… easy and short: one (1) skill — one (1) chapter

The Series today has two books:

  • Stuff to Know and Use
  • More Stuff to Know and Use
  • The third will be … can you guess…
    • Much More Stuff to Know and Use

We are adding three very different branches to the “Tree of Knowledge” being built, and we are very excited about them!

  • Lessons learned from family stories.  This one is just about done!
  • Those learned from the news
  • …and from history

McGraw-Hill told us the books are non-traditional, self-help or supplemental texts.   This was nice to hear, but really, we still prefer to say that our books simply make you be more better.